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=============== Music Composer for MML Macrotune allows you to quickly compose the retro-sounds, the ones that were used as the soundtrack in video games. Indeed, you can create different channels, each of which can correspond to any noise, pulse or percussion. Moreover, the user interface is straightforward and simple. You can create an entire score or a specific part of it, simply by typing the MML code. The syntax is the same for all the lines, regardless of the channel they belong to. Macrotune supports up to 4 channels, each of which consists of a percussion, a piano and a bass parts. The up-and-down and the slide lines, for the percussion part, determine the volume. The percussion events may be performed on any of the up, down and slide lines, which may make it easier for you to create melodies. The pianist events, for the piano part, can be performed on any of the four channels, as well as in G, B and C Major keys. Moreover, the bass events are performed on the channel and can be performed on the G, B and C Major keys. You can control the input and output audio levels for each part. Macrotune is dedicated to users who wish to create music using the MML programming syntax, offering you several tools for channel editing. The program supports generating tunes with up to 4 channels, each of which supports individual MML code lines. The default options for each channel include the type of sound you wish to render, the octave, input volume, decay and verse name. A time signature gadget allows you to visualize the current beats per measure, in each channel editor, even while you type. Each line is assigned a different verse number, which can make it easier for you to create patterns. The pattern editor lies at the bottom of the window and allows you to combine the verses for each individual channel. Noises, beats and music player Macrotune features syntax highlighting functions and allows you to copy / export the MML to clipboard. You may use it with another application or share it with other users. You may copy the code lines at any time during the score creation. The sound types that you can choose between include Triangle, Sawtooth, Square, Noise and two Complexes. Moreover, you can play the sounds at any time during the composing process, with the help of the integrated player. Simply select the measure, tempo and click the Play button. a5204a7ec7

Macrotune is a music composition application which allows you to quickly write songs, music themes or loops, with a plethora of instruments. The premise is that you may take advantage of a MIDI music player, which plays the song for you. However, in order to allow you to write music, Macrotune supports MML (Music Macro Language) MMLs, in other words a programming language for writing music. As such, you may combine simple, basic sound effects, instrument voices or even MIDI data to compose music. With Macrotune, you may access all the sounds you may need, including pre-recorded samples, in order to create it. Moreover, you can manipulate them and modify their parameters, as you wish. Macrotune Demo: You may play the following demos for each individual instrument: Super Bowl, Football, Drum Beater, Police, Maraca and Car Horn. Moreover, if you wish to hear the sounds you just generated, you can play them in the music player. There's more: - High resolution screenshots - Full screen mode - Several themes, including pad and bass - You may play multiple instruments at the same time - Sample editor - Export to.WAV or.MP3 files - Audio file editor - Control MIDI data and real time parameters in the players - Support for background music - Full text editor - Syntax highlighting for MML code - Fast export and modify settings - MIDI file editor - Automated beat detection MAGIX Music Maker 12-11-2015, 08:27 PM MAGIX Music Maker is a digital audio workstation. It allows you to compose music, record your own vocals, edit and mix them together with instrumental tracks. The most well-known version of MAGIX Music Maker is version 5, but this new version is a major upgrade. Here are some of its highlights. New Features: Easy-to-use Interface Navigation It's easy to navigate your song from track to track as you decide to add vocals, guitars, bass, drums, background tracks, and other instruments. The interface is very straightforward, and you can find even easier ways to manage and organize your music. Composer From this project, you can make your own music for all occasions: be it a motivational talk, a song for a photo album or a catchy jingle for an advert. With MAGIX Music Maker